Location of the Project

In Buyer’s Guide for Buying a home, the following factors are to kept in mind while selecting the ideal home, proximity to civic & recreational amenities like educational institutions, park, police station, temples, community hall, hospitals and the main roads, bus stops, railway lines, transportation services – The more within your reach, the better.


Does your budget fit in with the location?

Place of employment

Is your office within travelling distance of your selected location?

Market area

Is there a market close by for all your grocery needs?


Is there a school or college close by?

Public transport Facilities

Is the location connected to public transport facilities?


Is the developer well reputed?

Accessibility to water and electricity

Be sure to ask the developer about any supply issues

Hospital/ Medical services

Is there a medical facility near the project?

Monthly Society maintenance

Does the maintenance per month have a heavy impact on your budget?

Safety and Security

What are the security systems in place and whether they are provided by a professional agency?

Chain of title

Make it a priority to have all the registered documents from the proposed seller who declares the ownership of property. For applying a loan to the bank, these documents are extremely vital.


Is the external and internal state of the building well examined?

Water leakages

Be sure to immediately reject any building that shows any signs of water leakages.

Maintenance of the flat

Make sure there is no peeling wallpaper or crumbling concrete.


Be sure to interact with your neighbours to find out whether they are grumpy and unpleasant.

Under construction property at an initial stage

Many banks do not prefer to fund such projects. Though, if the builder has a good Track-record, it shouldn’t be a problem?

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is just for reference purpose collected from various sources. Sahu Land Developers Pvt. Ltd. shall not be responsible for any changes in policies.