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Sahu Group

Sahu Industries, established in 1969, embarked on a journey rooted in innovation, quality, and commitment. Starting as a small-scale operation, the company rapidly expanded its horizons, catering to diverse industries and earning a reputation for reliability and excellence. Over the years, Sahu Industries diversified its portfolio across various sectors - Hotels, Automobiles, Entertainment, Digital Colour Labs, Marketing and Distribution of Electronics, Consumer Durables Electronics Stores, Real Estate, Infrastructure Development and striving to add many more on the list. 
The digital Sahu group is also associated with multi-national companies like Marriott, Toyota, L.G, Sony, and Kodak, which itself signifies the high standards set and is maintained by the group to meet the upcoming demands of the customers and always achieve satisfaction. 
Its adaptability and willingness to embrace change have positioned Digital Sahu Group as a leader in the industry, setting benchmarks for innovation and service excellence. 
The brand's ethos remains deeply ingrained in its founding principles of integrity, innovation, and customer-centricity. The group is being carried forward by the glorious legacies laid down by Lt. Shri Shiv Narain Sahu, and Lt. Shri Vijay Kumar Sahu. Sahu Group is now directed under the visionaries and the ethics of Shri Neeraj Kumar Sahu and Shri Akash Kunar Sahu. This group continues to uphold the legacy of craftsmanship and quality that has been synonymous with Sahu Industries since its inception. 

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